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Therapy Services

At Cheraw Healthcare, our physical, occupational and speech therapists provide custom-designed rehab programs which help our residents regain the skills and abilities they need to achieve the independence they desire. A brief description of each program is outlined below.

The Physical Therapy program improves the quality of life by promoting resident independence. Physical therapy program highlights include evaluation and treatment for deficits in functional mobility and coordination, deficits with sitting, standing and walking balance, upper and lower body strengthening, range of motion, endurance retraining, and treatments for seating, positioning, and standing.

The Occupational Therapy program increases functional ability with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, and eating. Program highlights include evaluation and treatment for deficits in activities and daily living, upper extremity/hand contracture management and splinting, upper body strengthening/endurance retraining, treatments for sitting and positioning, standing, and wheelchair mobility.

The Speech Language Pathologists provide our residents with treatments to increase abilities with swallowing, communication and cognition. With therapists’ intervention, resident needs are met through diet modification and feeding techniques.

Specialty Areas

Post-operative Orthopedic Rehabilitation training includes range of motion, strength and endurance training, functional mobility, transfer gait and wheelchair mobility training, post-operative pain management, positioning needs, home exercises, and recommendations for needed assistive devices.

Transitioning to Home training includes assisting residents with physical and mental skills necessary for discharge to home. Areas include home evaluations, home health and community service recommendations, home exercise programs, caregiver and client training.

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