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Housekeeping Services

Cheraw Healthcare's housekeeping department provides excellent services
through a conscientious and hardworking staff.

As well as maintaining the cleanliness of the building, the housekeeping department provides laundry services and is also responsible for providing linens to each resident. For our laundry to maintain a sufficient amount of linens, residents are asked to refrain from storing extra linens in their room.

Special care will be given to laundering residents’ clothes. All clothing must be washable and fade-resistant. Clothing items must be marked with easily identifiable permanent markers, which can be provided to you by the Social Services Coordinator. The facility is not responsible for lost or misplaced articles although reasonable preventable measures will be taken. Cheraw Healthcare does not offer dry cleaning services. If preferred, laundry may be done outside the facility. For clothes laundered outside Cheraw Healthcare, a clothes hamper with a secure lid must be provided for storage of soiled clothing, and clothes must be picked up no less than twice a week.

Each resident is asked to keep their personal items in order. This cooperation will assist the housekeeping staff and make the resident's stay more pleasant. To allow for thorough cleaning, suitcases, boxes, or other items for storage must not be left in the floor. These items can be placed in facility storage if space permits. Wall decor must also be limited to allow for cleaning.

Housekeeping personnel are available seven days a week to assist with the housekeeping needs of residents.

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